MR1® lifts for 4-wheeled Cars

Three high quality standard versions of the lift are available for sale:

        1. The MR1 Classic lift  - for small and medium size classic cars.

        2. The MR1 Modern lift - for all the above, plus the generally wider modern cars and larger classics.

        3. The MR1 Heavy lift - for all the above and exceptionally heavy and large cars.

All the standard lifts raise a car's ground clearance by 350mm (14in). For example, a car with a ground clearance of 150mm (6in) has it raised to a total of 500mm (20in), which is a good compromise for work on the underside and topside. This is a comfortable height for using a mechanics creeper under a car, with your head and body supported and everything within arms reach (Photo 2). The extra height may also save a lot of backache when working on the topside, inside and under the bonnet/hood. To give improved access under the entire length of the raised lift and car, the lifting beam may also be removed (Photos 6 and 7). 

As shown in Photo 3, small screw operated wheel jacks may be safely used on the raised ramps to remove individual wheels. Alternatively, you may place stands under the raised car in contact with the axles or other safe jacking points, and then lower the ramps to leave both rear wheels free (Photo 4). That is, a bit like a scissor jack, but at a comfortable sitting height. A similar procedure, after reversing the car onto the lift, enables both front wheels to be suspended (Photo 5). It follows that stands and bottle jacks on the ground may be used to support other parts of a car without the need for a bridging beam between the ramps. A wheeled transmission jack like the Sealey TJ150E is ideal in this situation. See 

Please note that the design of MR1 car lifts is under constant review, and consequently the latest improvements are not necessarily shown in the following photos. For example, all of the bolted pivots have been replaced by sturdier, more wear resistant and quicker to assemble/disassemble 'hook-on' pivots.


The maximum recommended weights and dimensions of the vehicles/cars to be used with these lifts are:


                      MR1 Classic          

Weight         1500kg (3300lb) - Kerb weight   

Wheelbase   2700mm (106in) - The distance between the centres of the front and rear wheels    

Track            1500mm (59in) - The distance between the centres of width of the two front or two rear tyres.     

Tyre width     205mm (8.1in)       

                     MR1 Modern                    

Weight         1850kg (4070lb)

Wheelbase   3000mm (118in)

Track            1700mm (67in) - For lower weight cars we can increase this!

Tyre width     305mm (12in)  

                     MR1 Heavy

Weight          2600kg (5720lb)

Wheelbase   3000mm (118in) 

Track            1700mm (67in) - For lower weight cars we can increase this!

Tyre width     305mm (12in)


The standard lifts are adjustable up to the maximum track widths stated, and may be used with car manufacturer's stated ground clearances down to approximately 75mm (3.0in). You may also put planks on the surface of the ramps to raise the car if it has an even lower ground clearance, or an air dam ahead of the front wheels. Concerning the recommended tyre/tire width, note that the Classic and Modern/Heavy lifts have ramp widths of 310mm (12in) and 410mm (16in), respectively, which means that the minimum recommended clearance is 53mm (2.1in) each side of the tyre. Please compare the above MR1® data with that in your car Owner's Handbook, or click on, and determine which of the above car lifts best meets your needs.