Q1 - Do the MR1s come with detailed instructions?

A1 - Yes, each lift is supplied with an Owner's Manual, which includes detailed assembly and safe operating procedures.

Q2 - The lifts look lightweight and the ramps appear to deflect, so are they strong enough?

A2 - Yes, the MR1s are based on thorough stress analyses and testing. However, the production MR1s are stronger and include significant improvements compared to some of the prototypes shown in the accompanying photographs. Perhaps it is also worth mentioning that all loaded structures deflect, and safe elastic deflections vary from barely perceptible in buildings to several metres (feet) at the wing tips of jumbo-jets. Thus, stiffening the MR1s to the point where no deflections are visible would simply add unnecessary weight and cost.

Q3 - Can the lifts be taken apart easily, and how heavy are they?

A3 - The lifts are easily separated into 5 components, plus 2 plastic guide posts. The heaviest components are the ramps, which presently weigh approximately 80kg (176lb) each for the Classic, and 100kg (220lb) each for the Modern and 120kg (264lb) each for the Heavy. The total weights of all the components of the Classic, Modern and Heavy lifts are approximately 210kg (462lb), 260kg (572lb), and 300kg (660lb), respectively.

Q4 - When the lifts are assembled and adjusted to the required track, do the pivoted supports have to be fixed to the floor?

A4 - No.

Q5 - Can the lifts be easily moved out of and then back into a garage for some jobs?

A5 - Yes, with a trolley jack raising the lifting beam approximately 25mm (1in) above the floor it is generally easy to slide the lift. I have also slightly raised the supports above the ground on two old skate boards, which makes moving really easy, as you may see by clicking on www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSQ6Z2CNPRo   

Q6 - Can the lifts be used for both LHD and RHD cars?

A6 - Yes, they have guide post fixings for both.

Q7 - Can the lifting beam be removed from a raised MR1 lift in order to have maximum head room under its whole length?

A7 - Yes.

Q8 - Can the MR1 Modern and Heavy lifts be used for the same range of cars as the MR1 Classic?

A8 - Yes, but for small cars the lifting beam may protrude beyond the width of the ramps. You could tolerate this, or avoid it by substituting an extra lifting beam from an MR1 Classic - for cars with tracks up to 1500mm (59in).

Q9 - Can the MR1 lifts be made for heavier vehicles, three-wheel vehicles, boats, motorcycles, or with greater lift heights and/or in lighter alloy materials?

A9 - Yes, the Patents cover wide variations in application, design and materials, so we may be able to provide a bespoke design for you.

Q10 - How original is the MR1 car lift?

A10 - I arrived at my design independently, but later discovered Belgium (1952) and similar US (2002, Kwiklift) prior art. These both have rotating crank lifting beams, unlike the fixed lifting beam/box in my design, which is more simple, quicker, easier to use, more stable and safer.